Cash Payment Discount pay in cash and get $100 off per Kitten

Zelle is a free bank transfer payment method set up through your bank


Venmo is another free bank transfer payment method

You may mail a check or money order, but please email first for instructions.

* If using PayPal please add an additional 5% to

your total to pay the convenience fees charged by PayPal.

~ Please send an email after sending your payment to confirm receipt ~

One Fur Sample is enough for up to TWO people to test. 

If you need more fur for more people, please order two samples.

Please see the FAQ page for cost info.


Transport & Delivery

When you pick up or arrange for delivery please bring or provide a hardshell pet carrier appropriate for your required transport method.  


Local to Dallas, TX

We offer free delivery up to 25 miles from zip code 75070 (including a local airport DFW or Love Field) which can save you between $300-$500 in courier services.  You would also have the option to drive to the area and pick up your kitten for free by appointment. 

Long Distance Pet Travel


Travel tips: 

If you will be flying to pick up your kitten, please check the specific pet carry on measurement requirements on the airline website.  This carry on pet carrier (available at Petsmart) has worked perfectly for us to take a cat on the plane as a "carry on". Put down a pet "pee pad" to cover the sherpa bottom during your flight in case your kitten goes potty without access to a litter box.  That's pretty rare but it may happen. 


If you are driving to McKinney to pick your kitten up, please bring a pet carrier something like this.


If you have a very long car ride home we recommend setting up a playpen in the back seat or if you have a hatchback put the back seats down and set up an area with a small litter box, food, and water containers.  Again using the pee pads can be helpful. 

We offer personal pet courier services on a case by case basis depending on the details. 

Please email with your request and include your location and specifics to receive a quote.  

Domestic USA: United Airlines PetSafe - Air cargo transportation

International:   IPATA